In which I talk about my new website

A photo of my website inside my website. This is so meta.

Well, here I am. After a lot of delays, throwing everything to the trash can and starting all over, after a lot of crying thinking carefully what I wanted for my new website and working like a crazy man (it’s not like I know another way of working), I think I got it.

And I must say: I’m really proud of what I’ve done.

Even though I still have a lot of things to do before I’m able to say that I’m fully content with it, I prefer to publish it now and that way I’ll be forced to work faster on all the small details, plus I can get some useful feedback from you, guys. How about that?

Now, talking about the technical side, I think some of you would like to know that I’ve used HTML5 and CSS3 for the front-end and I’m using WordPress for the publishing of the blog and my works, which was way harder to implement than I thought , but it’s been a fun ride and I learned a lot. This is one of the main reasons I wanted to make this redesign.

Also, if you’re reading this from a smartphone or a tablet, there’s a big chance that you already noticed the responsiveness of this website. So, yeah, no biggie…



Please, let me know if you see any bugs, so I can fix ’em.

This is it for now. I hope you like this new look and expect some more writing from me in the future.

Peace out!



  • rodrigo monge


    hace unos dias vi estos cool botones pero cuando uno les pone un link “demo #4” no funciona abajo y arriba de la palabra no da el link sabes porq es ?

  • rodrigo monge

    me falto decirte es en chrome

  • Solomon


  • Evgeniy Nechepurenko

    Good work and nice site, but if width bigger than 768px, difficult to identify the text, just change the color of text